gpdfx is a graphical tool to extract parts of a PDF as a PDF.

It is a GTK application written in Python using the Poppler library to render the PDF. It uses pdfTeX and PDFCrop to create the extracted PDF.

The example selection exported from the figure on the left-hand side can be viewed here.

Download version 1.1 here or at GitHub. Make sure that all contained scripts are in your PATH.

Also make sure that the required libraries listed above are available on your system. For any Debian-based system, e.g., it should suffice to run:

sudo apt-get install python-poppler python texlive-extra-utils texlive

If you have tested gpdfx and want to give your feedback, please contact me at clehner at

gpdfx is developed under the GNU General Public License. The source code is currently maintained by Christoph Lehner.

Version 1.1 includes contributions of Nathan Goldschmidt which reduce the size of the generated PDF file.