A Physics System based on Hierarchical Computer Algebra


PhySyHCAl is a framework for automated perturbation theory for a wide range of regulators both in the continuum and using a lattice. It is based on a new hierarchical computer algebra system. The current implementation includes support for Wilson-type fermions, DWF, and the Schroedinger Functional. Apart from perturbative calculations, it can also generate contractions for non-perturbative lattice computations.

The four main libraries are described schematically below

and in more detail in designated pages linked above.


Terms of Use

If you use PhySyHCAl in your work, please cite PoS(Lattice 2012)126 (arXiv:1211.4013). Further publications introducing the full framework are in preparation.


Quick Start

Setup instructions can be found at the Wiki page. If you need an account at the Columbia gitlab system, please contact clehner // .


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